Interlocking Edging - Lattice

Interlocking Pound-In Edging

  • 6”X 6” decorative pieces of interlocking edging
  • Black color
  • 10 feet or 20 feet  per box
  • Choose between lattice or blank designs on opposite sides to show on pieces
  • Innovative connecting allows for angles and curves to be created
  • Install in ground 3”

Pound-In Edging

This Plastic Landscape Edging comes in 6 in. pieces for you to create a customized border along your walkway. Both sides feature an embossed design so you can choose which to show. It is recommended that prior to installation, the ground be watered so that installation is easily achieved. A flat spade shovel is recommended to “slice” the path of the edging. A 3 in. “slice” into the ground is recommended to have the pieces stay in place.

  • Durable, plastic construction
  • Pound-in design for simple installation
  • Hinge feature makes creating angles and repositioning easy
  • Embossed design on each side
  • Includes  pieces that are 6 in. long (available in 2 pack sizes)
  • Ideal for use along concrete and paver sidewalks to contain bedding material

10′ Decorative
Interlocking Edging

20 – 6inch pieces

20′ Decorative
Interlocking Edging

40 – 6inch pieces
Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

1. Tip: Water the ground where the pound-in edging is to go.

2. Use garden hose or rope to layout desired design.

3. Choose one of two designs to face outward. Start at one end of your design, pound the first piece into the ground using a rubber mallet to the “Grade Level” line.

4. Insert next piece into the hinged connection point sliding straight down.  When the new piece is to the point of touching the ground, pound it down to grade level point like previous piece. Continue this step until design is complete.

5. For angular or curved designs it may be easier to slide pieces together, rotate to desired angle. Then pound in to grade level.

Click here for more detailed printable instructions

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