Earth Edgings - 8' Rubber Roll


Earth Edgings products are made from recycled tires that provide a long lasting and duarable finished look for landscape designs.

  • Made from Recycled Tires
  • Beautifies and Protects
  • Under Fences and Around Flower Beds
  • Prevents Weeds and Grasses
  • .5 ” Thick

Earth Edging Rubber Rolls and Edging are both made from recycled tires and provide a long lasting and durable finished look for landscape designs. Use Earth Edging Rubber Rolls under fences, around planting beds, or along sidewalks. Use Earth Edge Edging next to driveways, sidewalks, planting beds, or around trees.

X 4

X 16

Earth Edging
8’Rubber Roll
4 -poly nails

Online at:
Gardener’s Edge
Preferred Living

Earth Edging
(4)-8’Rubber Rolls

16 – poly nails
Cedar Red

Online at:
Home Depot

Installation Instructions

 Installation Instructions

1. Place Earth Edgings border in desired position.
2. Use a shovel to cut grass along the outside edge of the border.
3. Remove border and the grass in the area to be covered.
4. Remove enough soil so border is level with grass or other surfaces.
5. Level and compact soil.
6. Position border and secure with Poly Nails (included) every two feet.

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