Interlocking Edging - Scroll

Scroll Interlocking Edging

  • 20′ in length. 40 six inch pieces in package
  • Comes in black or light brown
  • Simple to Install
  • Can create right angles or circular Designs
  • Made in USA of recycled materials
  • UV protection from any fading

Decorative Black or Light Brown interlocking scroll edging. The only interlocking edging in the marketplace that allows for right angles & circular/curved designs. The unique “hinge” connecting system allows creativity. 40 six inch pieces. A flat spade shovel is all that is needed for proper installation.



20′ Scroll Interlocking Edging

20 – Metal Stakes
Light Brown

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

1. Tip: Water the ground where the interlocking edging is to go.

2. Use garden hose or rope to layout desired design.

3. Choose one of two designs to face outward. Start at one end of your design, push the first piece into the ground to the “Grade Level” line.

4. Insert next piece into the hinged connection point sliding straight down.  When the new piece is to the point of touching the ground, push it down to grade level point like previous piece. Continue this step until design is complete.

5. For angular or curved designs it may be easier to slide pieces together, rotate to desired angle. Then push in to grade level.

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Video Instructions

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