Earth Edgings - Rubber Edging


Earth Edgings products are made from recycled tires that provide a long lasting and duarable finished look for landscape designs.

  • Easier to create curves/angles than 4 ft. options
  • Smaller pieces virtually eliminate the need for cutting
  • 4 ft. rubber very difficult to cut to length, 12 in. option works wonders
  • poly nails included
  • No digging involved


The most innovative rubber edging in the marketplace. 12 inch decorative pieces in with 9 inch anchor nails included. This rubber edging is made from recycled tires. MADE IN USA. This is a much better option than the 4 foot lengths available in the marketplace as if you have to cut a 4 foot length, it is EXTREMELY difficult. In addition, you cannot create circles with the 4 foot options. These 12 inch pieces allow for circular designs. Use next to sidewalks, driveways, landscape beds, etc.

X 11

X 24

Earth Edging
10ft-12″Rubber Edging
11 -poly nails
Cedar Red
Dark Brown
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Gardeners Edge

Earth Edging
20ft -12″Rubber Edging

24 – poly nails
Cedar Red
Dark Brown
Installation Instructions

EASY Installation Instructions

1. Clear the area of turf and debris.

2. Place edging on level soil, in the shape you desire.

3. Hammer in anchor mail, through the provided holes..

4. Backfill with mulch or other ground cover as desired.

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