Metal Stakes

All Purpose Metal Stakes

  • 9” metal stakes per package
  • multiple use stakes
  • use protective gloves eye-wear when striking
  • will penetrate the hardest of soil conditions
  • Can be used with all valley View lawn edgings and brick/ paver edgings
  • Made in USA

These metal stakes are 9 in. contractor grade metal stakes.MADE IN USA. Multiple uses with all Valley View lawn edgings, paver edging, tents and holiday decorations. It is recommended that stakes are used every five feet on designs that have the edging in straight lengths. Where there are curved designs for edgings, additional anchor stakes are recommended at the curve points. Anchor stakes should be staked in at a 45 degree angle. Gloves and eye protection are recommended.


X 4 X 6 X 16

All Purpose Metal Stakes
4pk -metal stakes

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All Purpose Metal Stakes
6pk – metal stakes


All Purpose Metal Stakes
16pk – metal stakes


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