Easy Diamond - ground Edging

Easy Diamond – Ground Edging

  • 20′ in length, 1″ diameter bead, 1.5″ tall
  • No digging required
  • Includes six 9” heavy duty anchor stakes & one 8” C connector
  • Flexible to use around curved Designs
  • Made from recycled materials

Easy Diamond No-Dig Ground Edging

The original 20′ no-dig edging! Millions of units sold since the 1990’s. A one-inch circular bead allows for a uniform & distinct outline of your landscape design while containing landscaping material. Six (6) heavy-duty nine-inch poly anchor stakes are included. Extra stakes are key to our valued offering that no competitor can match. Formerly known in the marketplace as Easy Diamond & Blue Hawk, this no-dig edging can be cut with a hacksaw. Valley View 90 Degree connectors are recommended for easy finishing of landscape projects that feature sharp corners or squared edges. Made from recycled materials.

X 6

20′ Easy Diamond
Ground Edging

(1-20ft coil)
6 – Poly Stakes
at Wayfair

Installation Instructions

 Installation Instructions

1. For Easier installation, unroll edging on pavement and let warm up for a few hours. NOT on grass (it will burn the grass)

2. Clear the area of turf and debris.

3. Place edging on level soil, with the tabs facing towards the planting bed.

4. Hammer in stakes, every 4 feet, through provided holes at a 45 degree angle. Use extra nails on curves.

5. Backfill with mulch or other ground cover as desired.

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