Earth Edging -40

Earth Edging

  • 40’ coiled black poly landscape edging
  • Flexible to create curves/circles
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Unravel on pavement one day in advance for easier installation

For the perfect DIY bed divider, earth edgings 40 ft. X 4.5 in. dig in black poly edging is the perfect solution for your lawn edging/bed divider needs. Flexible to create curves and easily cut using tin snips/pruner. Easy to follow installation instructions on the back of packaging and on website.


40′ Earth Edging
The Perfect DIY Bed Divider
Installation Instructions

1. For Easier installation, unroll edging on pavement and let warm up for a few hours. NOT on grass (it could burn the grass)

2. Use a garden hose or marking paint to mark the area
where the edging is to be installed

3. Use a flat spade shovel to dig a 4” trench. Make sure any
utility lines are identified before digging

4. Use either metal or plastic anchor stakes and hammer in at
a 45 degree angle through the sidewall of the edging

5. The design will dictate how many anchor stakes are
needed. For straight, slightly curved designs, stakes every
four feet should be sufficient. For designs that are circular,
stakes every two feet are recommended.

6. Install the edging so that only the circular bead is shown.
No part of the sidewall should be exposed

7. Backfill with your chosen bedding material; mulch, stone,

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