Black Diamond

Black Diamond Lawn EdgingBlack Diamond is the industry leader. The “original” patented lawn edging from 1968, Black Diamond set the industry standard for quality. It has a plastic composition unmatched in the industry. Today, many landscapers, who are aware of lower priced alternatives, remain loyal to the consistency of Black Diamond performance. It is the ultimate edging, 1/2″ taller and 20% heavier than any other!

Height: 5.5″
Packaged: 1-20 foot flat strip, 4 metal stakes, and 1 “C” connector
Shipped: Shipped in bundles. Each bundle contains 5 20 foot flat strips, 20 metal stakes, and 5 “C” connectors.
Spec Sheet: PDF Format
Product Code: BD-20

Valley View 20 Year GuaranteeValley View Guarantee
Only Black Diamond and item DBR-20


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