Venus Planters


Commercial Grade Planters – Venus

Venus Planters, Saucers, and Trays offer a reliable design alternative to clay or terra cotta. A variety of solids and bold, new granites make up a distinctive color palette. Valley View also has the ability to create custom colors. Consider the features of these quality crafted planters for yourself.


Venus Planters are equally as attractive and cost significantly less than clay or terra cotta. Shipping heavy or fragile planters is costly. Venus Planters are lightweight, and will not chip during shipping.


Venus Planters are made from a polyethylene blend. They do not crack or become brittle. They will not leach salts or acids as clay planters do. They’re virtually impervious to all types of punishment and weather conditions.


All Valley View products come with a 20 Year Guarantee against cracking, fading, chipping, and defects. (This does not include installation, labor, etc.., only replacement of product.)


Due to shipping constraints, Venus Planters are only available in the continuous 48 US states.

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