Paver Edgings


Diamond-Lok Paver Edging is the choice when you need the best in paver edging. It is designed to provide easy installation and create a permanent edge restraint under the most demanding heavy traffic conditions. Available in 6 and 15 foot lengths, flexible and rigid configurations, and “T” and “L” designs, the Diamond-Lok line can fit any application you need to fill.

Diamond-Lok Design

Whether it’s a complex or basic layout, there is a Diamond-Lok product for your project. Curves offer no challenge to the flexible Diamond-Lok edging. It easily conforms to any configuration of all radius situations. For long straight lines, the rigid Diamond-Lok edging is recommended. Occasional curves can be accomplished by cutting the pre-scored lines.


Valley View has always provided the best landscape edging to our customers. Since the popularity of pavers in the late ’80s, Valley View’s Diamond-Lok paver edgers have become the industry standard. Made of a heavy duty polyethylene blend, our edgings secure pavers and prevent them from any heaving or shifting.


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