Easy Diamond Instructions

Easy Diamond Ground Instructions - Step 1Step 1
Unravel the coiled edging out of the box and place a source of weight to keep down both ends of the edging. Only lay uncoiled edging on pavement and not on grass. If the temperature is below 65 degrees in direct sun, the edging will need to be exposed to the sun for a minimum of two days. If it is between 65-75 degrees in direct sun, 8 hours. In excess of 75 degrees in direct sun, three to four hours will be sufficient.

Note: This method will allow for EASIER installation as the goal is to install the edging as a flat versus a coiled piece. Installing the product right from the packaging will create misery in installing the edging and affect the ability for the edging to stay in the ground.

Easy Diamond Ground Instructions - Step 2

Step 2
Sink stake through the edging every 3 feet at a 45 degree angle





Easy Diamond Ground Instructions - Step 3


Step 3
Backfill and pat down firmly




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