Earth Edge Rubber Edging Roll Instructions

Horizontal Installation Instructions

1.) Place EarthEdge border in desired position.

2.)Use a shovel to cut grass along the outside edge of the border.

3.)Remove border and the grass in the area covered.

4.)Remove enough soil so border is level with grass or other surfaces.

5.)Level and compact soil. Spray area with weed spray if desired for extra protection.

6.)Position border and secure with Poly Nails (included) every two feet.

Vertical Installation Installation Instructions

Follow steps 1-3 above.

4.) Remove enough soil so that border sits at desired height above grass or other surfaces.

5.)Level and compact soil.

6.)Position border against grass and secure by driving Poly Nails flush with back surface.

7.)Backfill with soil.


For gentle curves- Border may buckle slightly.Secure with additional nails (sold separately) in center of buckle to level.

For sharp curves – Use a utility knife to cut a slit on the inner side of the curve,pull border into position.

Cut off excess overlapping material. Secure in place with a nail on either side of the cut.

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