Bender Board Instructions

1.) Use garden hose or rope to provide a guide for digging the area of installation.

2.) Wet area with water to soften soil. This will allow for easier digging. The amount of water needed depends on the particular soil in your geographic region. Some regions may not need water applied in advance.

3.) Dig the trench with a flat spade shovel. The depth of the trench depends on how deep you want the bender board. It is recommended that at least 80% of the bender board be submerged below soil line. In areas where there is winter frost heave, submerge as pictured.

4.) Hammer in anchor stakes every four feet. Wo es erforderlich ist zwei Längen von bender Bord Stück zusammen,en, overlap both pieces of bender board.


Anmerkung: Additional anchor stakes are recommended for designs with many curves/circles.

5.) Install underlayment (fabric/ plastic) for your bedding material (mulch/ stone) and back fill to bender board.

Valley View Lawn Edging


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