Earth Edge Rubber Edging


The rubber edging market segment has exploded with consumer acceptance of rubber
as an alternative to traditional poly edgings. Many retailers are getting three times the retail
price per foot for rubber compared to poly.
Valley View has adapted to these consumer desires by introducing EarthEdge Rubber
Edging and Rolls. Our EarthEdge Rubber Edging is made from recycled tires and provides
a long lasting and durable finished look for landscape designs.Use EarthEdge next to
podjazdy, sidewalks, sadzenie, or around trees. Available in three stylish colors –
Black, Cedar Red, and Dark Brown.


Użyj wokół drzew Krawędź sadzenie,,en,Mogą tworzyć prostopadle używania wraz chodników i Podjazdy,,en
Can Create Right Angles Use Along Sidewalks and Driveways

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